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Four Back-to-School Tips for Teens Helping teens prepare for a successful school year ~

Wishing you and your teen a successful 2013-2014 school year!

1) Come up with a plan/schedule to help you manage your time after school.  Prioritize academics, athletics, family time, social time, church/synagogue/mass, etc., and devote a specific amount of time to any of the aforementioned that are important to you.

2) Set personal goals for each of your classes and share them with your teachers.  They will appreciate your forethought and respect you for taking responsibility for your own education.

3) Join a club or after school activity! This is a time in your life to figure out what kinds of things interest you… so get involved and see what sparks, or ignites a passion in you!

4) Always be HONEST with your teachers (and everyone else for that matter!). If you had a rough night at home and forgot to do your homework, don’t lie about it. Teachers will respect you so much more for being truthful!  Remember… you will need recommendation letters from your teachers for college, employment, etc. and nobody will recommend someone who is not truthful.

Raychelle Cassada Lohmann Ph.D., LPCS

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