😎Hope this message finds you

and your family well and happy 🎉☀️

Here is the fun challenge for during this time of “crisis”:


Remember to think positive 🙂

Teens will get a chance for Dash 4 Cash and donuts from Murphy’s Beach Rentals depending on how many of these they completed and can report on.

We will send a reminder email in a week.

If you have any questions either call 

or just simply send pictures and thoughts to:



through this website

Their participation will be completely anonymous unless you would like it posted just let us know.

Sandpoint Teen Center Mentors (STAFF)

  • Alphabet selfie game - take a picture of you and a sign that has the letter A, then the letter B, so on

  • Geocaching (scavenger hunt) - get outside and find things

  • How many down trees are close to where you live?

  • Book reading

  • Reading to the elderly over the phone

  • Short video playing board games with family

  • Netflix party - what movies did you all watch “together”?

Online games (apps or PC):

Words with friends 2
Best friends stars
Jackbox games
NBA 2K20
Pokemon Go
Sea of Thieves
Mario Kart Tour

Have you been:
Been creative?
Outside playing?
Reading a book?
Exercising for 20 minutes or so a day?
Done something helpful?

Self Care Check IN:

  • Had a family video call?

  • Started a 1,000 piece puzzle?

  • Take a daily walk, bike ride or run?

  • Done a crossword?

  • Started a new hobby?

  • Meditated?

  • Drawn a picture or two?

  • Hosted a virtual get together?

  • Organized your closet or drawers or school bag?

  • Prepped a meal or developed a new recipe?

  • Practiced yoga?

  • Baked a new recipe or developed a new one?

  • Done some scrap-booking or vision board?

​When we open back up again:

  • Every Monday - Milkshakes

  • Every Tuesday - Tacos

  • Every Wednesday - Pool and Bowling tournaments 

  • Every Thursday - Italian Sodas

  • Self Care! Community Member

  • Sept 26th - Adulting 101! Community Member

  • Music Day - either us, them, or community 

  • Help Me! Homework Tutor

  • Community Day Volunteering 

  • Arts & Crafts 

  • Swimming  at city beach/YMCA 

  • Job Shadowing 

  • Book Group 

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