Mentors (a.k.a staff and volunteers)

Joan (figured in the background on the right) is our longest standing and very driven to make sure the teens are well take care of at the center and off site. She has been in the community a great number of years and looks forward to staying a great many more. Her fun times include traveling with her family and chilling at her home in the woods. 

Phyllis's (figured in the picture checking in teens on our hand held device) years at the center have led her to want to pursue advancements and learn more new skills. While being a medical examiner for the county, she enjoys spending time with her family so much more. And not just having fun with her husband who is Santa at our local fundraiser in December. 

Kristi our main culinary chef come to us a few years ago when our site manager roped her into cheffing for our culinary program. She is from Estonia and has brought that cuisine to our center a many occasion. Kristie enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her kids (either in person or on the phone to a land far away). Only the galaxy knows of her future plans but we hope she stays with us for a long time because her wit and smarts are a great asset. 

Megan in the middle. She is one of our newest Operations and Program Coordinators (a.k.a. Mentor). Megan has a impressive history of working and enjoying the non profit world. Her mother introduced her to it many moons ago and her passion lives on. Megan hopes to advanced in our organization along with her hobbies of being a worker bee in our local community. 

Lucas was a teen at one time and had come to the center on many occasion. Now that he is an adult, he sought us out to give back as a thank you to us being there for him in the past. He has been a volunteer with us for only a short time, we hope he stays with us for a long time. Lucas loves to read, journal, and play guitar. 

Atlanna was with us a short time but her memory will live on forever. She has gone to the stars yet but she is a star in our hearts. All the best in your new adventures and we hope that you bless us once again with your beautiful smile and extraordinary strengths of amazing person. 

Sandi Dandi! ( figured to the right, showing our volunteers proper gingerbread house making at our annual fundraiser) Our other Chef and Mentor, and a mentor she is. Sweet, kind, and giving just like the rest of our team. Sandi has a long history of working hard and giving of herself out of the kindness of her heart. She has only been with us for a short time but we hope her longevity at the teen center will provide her with the passion she needs in her life. 

Jim on the right helping the teens attract attention during our annual fundraiser Breakfast with Santa. Jim is one our longest attending mentors an and our board president. His love of staying active has really drawn the kids out of their shells, they open up to him and to that we are grateful because he has much to teach them. Thank you, Jim, for your many years of service!

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